2D Games, 3D Games, VR Games, What Next?

2D Games, 3D Games, VR Games, What Next?

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The gaming industry has come a long way since the late 1940s and then the early 1950s. At that time, the games like ‘Tic Tac Toe,’ ‘Tennis for Two’ and ‘Spacewar’ were among the list of few famous games.  Gaming technology advanced very fast and saw a quick rise with the home version of Atari Pong which was released in 1972. Pong is a 2-dimensional table tennis sports video game based on very simple graphics. The 70s decade also saw the beginning of 3D games when ‘Maze War’ and ‘Spasim’ came into existence.  Since then, video games went mainstream as they became an integral part of modern lifestyle and entertainment. In the early 80s, game programmers released ‘3D Monster Maze’, a two and a half dimensional home computer game. The late 90s marked the turning point towards real-3D games with the launch of the 5th generation of gaming consoles.

A Glimpse of Different Types of Games

The gaming industry has grown gradually since the emergence of the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth generation video games consoles. The gaming experience transformed entirely when the advancements in phone and television technologies started dominating it. The late nineties were the era of mobile phone gaming and sixth generation consoles. Over time, users started spending more time on their smartphone and other home consoles. This period also saw the development of some budget games and entry of cloud computing in video gaming. The VR gaming began its journey in 2010 when Palmer Luckey developed the first VR headset Oculus Rift.  Today, video games come in several varieties and are majorly differentiated by their graphically realistic settings. What is the difference between 2D and 3D games? What characteristics separate them from the cloud and VR games? The type of game depends upon the type of graphics used for making it. For instance, 2D games are designed on a flat surface, whereas 3D games are based on models. On the other hand, games vary from VR to AR based on different types of art assets and are highly advanced versions.  Visual quality, control system, and object movement are other factors that define the type of a game. Moreover, 3D games allow users to control game character in different ways, while in 2d games players can control the game by pressing the control keys up, down, left and right.

Current Scenario

The gaming industry is booming and will continue to grow at neck breaking pace. According to the data released by the SuperDat Research, the gaming industry has generated $91 billion worldwide in 2016, and this figure is moving upwards day by day. The segment is majorly dominated by the mobile gaming segment (up to 18 %) followed by retail games and free-to-play games. New categories including VR games and esports are also growing exponentially and holding great potential for the future. The industry is excelling because of current entertainment trends and progress of several other related industries. Also, the demand for quality and quick games is high. Above all, now online gamers think that the video games are providing real value to their money which is not limited to entertainment only. The most popular game categories include Online Rummy, sudoku, puzzles, actions, MMO, stealth shooter, simulations, adventure and many others. Many online platforms are providing an opportunity to play games online. Rummy Passion is the most trustworthy platform for playing Rummy Game online. It has cultivated a thriving community of loyal rummy fans over time.

Future Ahead

Without a doubt, the gaming industry is healthier than ever before, and new trends are worth considering. The future of gaming is majorly dependable on the new breed of VR and AR platforms as they attract more purchasers and are compatible with iOS and Android. Action games, multiplayer games will also remain in the most popular genre.

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